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What We Do:

Housecheck provides pre-purchase home inspections in the greater Houston, Texas area. To make an appointment, call George at (713) 528-1848. Included are houses, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. We also do other types of inspections; see below.

* A typical inspection includes examinations of foundation, structure, roof, roof structure, heating and air-conditioning equipment, plumbing and electrical systems, built-in appliances, safety glass, stairs, water penetration issues, and insulation quality.

* All inspections are performed by George Szontagh, who holds Texas Real Estate Inspector License (Professional Level) #2212.
* George has been doing licensed inspections since 1990, and was a long-time officer of A.S.C.A here in Houston. A.S.C.A.was a local inspector organization dedicated to improvement and education of professional inspectors.

* He is also a longtime member of the Houston Association of Real Estate Inspectors (H.A.R.E.I., Inc.); the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors ( T.A.R.E.I.); the Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association (TPREIA); and InterNACHI.

* He is a Residential Combination Inspector, certified by the International Code Council (#5186978-R5); and an IRC Residential Energy Inspector/ Plans Examiner (Cert. # 5144482).

We subscribe to the Supra keybox system for inspection convenience.

We offer Thermal Imaging (Infrared) for help with detecting moisture problems and insulation quality.

NOTE: Housecheck in Texas is NOT affiliated with National Housecheck (www.housecheck.com)

And Here Are the Details:

An inspection of a home is a logical part of any real estate transaction. Usually after a contract to purchase is signed, the buyer has a certain number of days to perform inspections. These include the general home inspection, and other specialized inspections, such as for termites.

The purpose of the inspection is to detect and report on deficiency conditions at a particular home. There is no law that says that a house has to be in perfect order, and typically an inspection will reveal problems, usually minor, which should be repaired. Inspectors also note obvious safety hazards. Our reports follow the Texas Real Estate Commission Inspection Standards effective February 1, 2022.

The buyer should decide on an inspector, set an appointment, and tell the real estate agent (or seller) when the home needs to be opened for inspection. Typical inspections take from 3-4 hours. It may be convenient to have the wood destroying organism inspection done at the same time.

If the home is vacant, it is important that all utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water, are turned on. Otherwise the inspector cannot check some of the systems in the home.

Ideally the buyer would be present for the inspection. Often the inspector will explain or discuss certain aspects of the home for the buyer's general knowledge, and such discussion will not be in the written report.

A written report will be provided within 12 hours of the inspection, and is usually e-mailed to designated parties. The report used is the latest TREC Standard Form 7-6.

Inspection fees start at $425, and depend on overall square footage, number of stories, and age of the home. The typical one story house, up to three bedrooms, usually runs $495. Pier and Beam structures and two story homes cost more. Call (713) 528-1848 for a quotation today.

We  accept PayPal and major credit cards for billing convenience.

What We Don't Do:

We do not perform Termite (or wood destroying insect) inspections. Such inspections should be done by Texas state-licensed WDI specialists. We can refer you to some termite inspectors whom we have worked with in the past.

We do not perform inspections for lead paint, asbestos, PCBs, and other potential environmental hazards, such as mold, as part of a regular TREC inspection. You will be provided with a list of non-inspected items at time of inspection, or you may request a fax or e-mail copy in advance.

We do not perform inspections for Mold. Effective January 1, 2005, persons conducting mold assessment or mold remediation in Texas, unless exempt, are required to be licensed. Further information regarding licensees and mold-related matters can be found here at the Texas Department of State Health Services.

We do not do water well and septic system inspections. We would be pleased to refer you to inspectors who specialize in these matters.

We do not inspect pools or outdoor spas. We recommend that you hire an established pool company to do an inspection, and obtain a written report.

We no longer do seller inspections, also known as pre-listing inspections.

Other Types of Inspections:

Inspections during and at the completion of new construction or major renovation work on a home. Municipal inspectors cannot be expected to ensure that a contractor has fulfilled all of the specifications of a particular project, particularly if life/safety codes are not involved.

Relocation inspections. If you are moving to the Houston area we would be pleased to provide you with an examination of your new home. 

We perform low-frequency EMF (electromagnetic field) inspections, upon specific request. Call for more information.

The Limitations of an Inspection:

The vast number of home inspections are limited visual inspections. They are non-destructive, and there is very little disassembly of equipment. Tested mechanical items are run in normal operating modes, and there is no prediction of expected life of any system. No warranty or guarantee is stated or implied. Home warranty policies are available from other sources. Ask your real estate agent for information.

A visual inspection following the TREC standards should be considered the start of the due-diligence process by the buyer, and not the final word in property condition.

It is theoretically possible to do what is called an "exhaustive inspection," in which entire systems are taken apart and examined, but the economics of such an inspection are generally prohibitive for most real estate transactions.

For further information, or to schedule an appointment, call George at (713) 528-1848 today.

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TREC Inspector License #2212

issued in 1990 CE by the Texas Real Estate Commission

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice:

The Texas Real Estate Commission regulates real estate brokers and sales agents, real estate inspectors, home warranty companies, easement and right-o-way agents, and timeshare interest providers.

You can find more information and check the status of a license holder at: www.trec.texas,gov

You can send a complaint against a license holder to TREC. A complaint form is available on the TREC website.

TREC administers two recovery funds which may be used to satisfy a civil court judgment against a broker, sales agent, real estate inspector, or easement or right-of-way agent, if certain requirements are met.

Real estate inspectors are required to maintain errors and omissions insurance to cover losses arising from the performance of a real estate inspection in a negligent or incompetent manner.

Please note: Inspectors may limit liability through provisions in the contract or inspection agreement between the inspector and their clients. Please be sure to read any contract or agreement carefully. If you do not understand any terms or provisions, consult an attorney.

If you have questions or issues about the activities of a license holder, the complaint process or the recovery funds, please visit the website or contact TREC at:
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